Kyle Kiihnl Memorial Scholarship


PO.BOX 383002

GERMANTOWN, TN  38183-3002

This scholarship goes to a senior wrestler to assist with upfront college costs and tuition during their first year in college.  Scholarship is awarded at the annual Houston Wrestling season ending banquet.

Past Winners

2003-Mike Mower BYU Idaho

2004-Drew Fryman University of Tennessee/University of Memphis

2005-Luke Borneman Cumberland University

Jordan Spencer University of Tennessee Chattanooga

2006-Ben Smith Diesel Mechanic School in Phoenix, Arizona

2007-Ryan Schmidt University of Tennessee Chattanooga

2008-Max Sides University of Tennessee Chattanooga

2009-Alan Matthews University of Arkansas

2010-Nick Beegle University of Mississippi

2011-Justen Wright Ohio State University

2012-JoJo Honan Mississippi State University

2013-Dalton Downing University of Tennessee Chattanooga

2014-Wyatt Beall The University of Alabama

2014-Alaa Shihadeh Southwest Tennessee Community College

2015-Justin Jones University of Memphis

2016-Brian Ensell The University of Alabama