Houston Takedown Club

The Houston Takedown Club needs you.  During the last six years, Houston High has had the best wrestling teams in its short history.  We are looking for another great year this year, and need your help to make that happen by getting everyone actively involved in the Houston Takedown Club.  

The 2 main functions of the Booster Club are to raise money AND volunteer for the various activities that require participation to run a successful program.  

First, as you may know, Shelby County provides NO FINANCIAL SUPPORT for regular season wrestling activities and costs.  Expenses for singlets, mats, referees, tournament entry fees, regular season transportation and lodging for meets and all other costs are paid solely by the Booster Club.  Your Registration fee will HELP cover these items.  Several fundraisers are also planned and your involvement and participation along with that of your son are critical to raising the necessary money to adequately fund this program.

The second function of the Booster Club is to provide volunteers to run matches and tournaments in areas which the team does not have staff to handle.  We provide a ready pool of HORSEPOWER to set up mats, transport equipment, collect gate admission fees, sell concessions, host the Blackhorse Invitational, etc.  So please plan on being an active Booster Club member ……and become an integral part of the success of your son’s wrestling program.  

The Bottom Line:  We cannot meet the needs of the Houston Wrestling Team without the donation of both time and financial support from each and every family.

If you have any questions, please call

Damon Young @ 485-2937  (Damon18.Young@gmail.com)


Angy Young @ 870-6812  (Angy18.Young@gmail.com)

Thank you in advance for your time and support!

Cost of  Registration:

$300.00 which includes Booster Club Membership 2013-2014 season highlight video, family season passes for home events, two car window stickers, and a team shirt, Houston singlet, wrestler entry fees, etc.

Note: If your family would like to make a larger tax deductible donation, your support is greatly appreciated.  You can do so knowing that all of your money goes directly to supporting a program specifically for your son.